Pinnacle Prodigium is a place where a select few people are chosen to be members and are allowed to access information shared by others.  Most of Pinnacle Prodigium is a close group of friends who share common interests such as: technology, video games and anime. The members are chosen by the leaders of Pinnacle Prodigium. Andrew Sims aka “Tanilu” and Tyler Coolbaugh aka “Alderis” are the founders of Pinnacle Prodigium, and  enjoy the intellectual discussions that occur on our private message board. Andrew Sims stresses realism and security while  Alderis desires ease of use and order, the two of them make the backbone of Pinnacle Prodigium.

A new Video game development team is currently being hosted at Pinnacle Prodigium.  The Realms of Aurora development team lead by Alderis is working to make a new and renovating video game.  More details to come in the future.

For any questions or concerns, please email