Welcome to the mainsite of the Pinnacle Prodigium Group’s online system. If you are a member of the Group, you may access the forums, file storage, and webmail with the links at the right. If you are a new member of Pinnacle Prodigium and your accound information has not yet been created, submit your registration request on the forum, and one of the administrators will take care of the rest.

Membership is currently closed to the public. Membership requests will only be accepted if the applying member has obtained approval for membership from an administrator.

Note to Realms of Aurora Development Team members: If you are a member of the RoA development team, you are considered to have approval from me (Alderis) for RoA status membership. If you are asked via email for the reason that you are applying, just let us know that you are on the RoA team (if we haven’t recognized your name/email address) and we will get your permissions set promptly. Thanks.