We are slightly changing our policy in regard to access to the forums. This is simply to keep requests organized and not to take up all of my time trying to investigate random registration requests. If you would like access to the forum, feel free to create an account (they have to be activated by an admin once created, like before), but make sure you send an email mentioning the reason for your application. This isn’t some essay we want, just pointing out a purpose so that if we do not know you already or know why you are applying, we can be made aware and make a simple choice accordingly. We aren’t trying to over-complicate things or interrogate/test/interview people. This is simply so that we don’t have to investigate our collective knowledge about each request and then email them if we don’t recognize them and then wait a week for a reply and… you get the gist. Please send emails to forumaccessrequest@pinnacleprodigium.com.